Why Do People Cheat? 9 Truths Why Men Cheat


Why do people cheat? 9 Truths Why Men Cheat.


Cheating is hurtful and painful to be on the other end of and it has a significant impact. It can make people close up to love and leave them stuck in not being able to forgive.

Did you know that research suggests that men cheat for different reasons to women? In this blog, I am going to look at why men cheat. However, I want to acknowledge nowadays men and women are equally guilty of cheating.

The reality is there are some men who will never cheat and there are others who chose to cheat.  

It is important to not blame yourself for not being good enough or young enough or pretty enough. No matter what the circumstances of your relationship, everyone is responsible for their own actions!

When someone you care about cheats on you, you want to understand why to be able to make sense of what has happened to you. In fact, it does help to know the reasons why men are likely to cheat.

Here are 9 Sad Truths Why Men Cheat

1. Cheat Because of a Lack of Morals

Some men have NO morals and cheat because they CAN. They literally can’t see anything wrong with their actions. and they don’t see it as wrong. Psychopaths and narcissists fall into this category.

It is common for women to only find out this when it is too late! You do not want to be in a relationship with this type of man as they will not show any guilt or be sorry about what they did.

2. Control Issues

Issues surrounding control will affect relationships. Relationships should be about balance and being equal. When it’s not there can be problems that come up and that could include cheating.

Some men end up feeling like they don’t have any control in their life or in the marriage. To take back the control they might cheat. They will cheat to show they can still exercise power in a relationship.

Alternatively, some men simply have no self-control and when the opportunity comes up they take it.

3. Cheat to End a Relationship

Some people lack the courage to end a relationship, so they cheat.  I find that both sexes are guilty of this one.

There is no easy way to end a relationship as it hurts when someone doesn’t want to be with you. However, it is much better to be courageous and end the relationship with honesty than to cheat. Cheating is the most painful way to end a relationship and it leaves scars.

4. Men will Cheat because they Crave Intimacy

Both men and women will cheat for this reason. Both sexes crave intimacy in a relationship – they want attention, love, physical affection and support. For men, this will often mean sex and when they get sex it allows them to feel that you care about them and love them.  Unfortunately, it is the way many men feel loved.  A man will often cheat when he isn’t getting attention from the person they are with.

Women may withhold sex for so many reasons in a relationship like they have had children, they are angry with their partner or just don’t feel good about themselves. What then happens is the man feels unloved.

Sex is a small thing that can have such a big impact on a relationship.

5. Men Cheat Because of Insecurity

Some men cheat when they feel insecure and not good about themselves. They see someone being attracted to them and wanting to have sex with them as validation that they are good enough.  They get the attention of the new person and also the person they are with because the reaction they have proves the man matters. Of course, this isn’t a grown-up or mature thing to do, but it is one of the reasons men cheat.

6. Cheat When they Feel Mistreated

When a man feels mistreated in their relationships they can cheat. The mistreatment could come in the form of what they see as nagging, you being judgemental and critical of them, you not being around or being distant. No-one wants to feel like they don’t matter.

When they feel this way, it can be easy to look for that from another woman.

7. Fear of Commitment

When people are scared of commitment they might sabotage by cheating and this can happen at some of the weirdest times. It could happen at milestones like getting engaged/married/pregnant or when someone has shown how much they love you with a wonderful gift. This can often be an unconscious reaction to the fear.

8. Poor self-esteem

Low self-esteem can cause people to get in the trap of seeking external validation to feel good about themselves. It makes them dependent on getting enough attention. When they cheat they get the attention they want. Other people may cheat as a way of rejecting someone so they don’t get rejected.

9. Addictive Behaviour

When you cheat it can become addictive. ‘Love’ is a drug and it is easy to get addicted to the initial rush of the chemical cocktail released. As well as it being the thrill of doing something wrong.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article both men and women cheat.

And it is one of the most painful experiences for the person who has been cheated on. No matter whether your partner is not meeting all your needs, it is not an excuse to cheat. So never let your partner blame you for their actions.

The best way to have a healthy relationship is to have open and honest communication and to spend time together. It can be all too easy to get busy and not value the most important person in your life.


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