The 8 Steps to Get the Relationship you Want

Private 3 month dating coaching

The Transformation

A private three-month coaching intensive empowering you with the tools to step back into the dating world with confidence and clarity. This goes much deeper than the standard breakthrough package.

It’s tough looking for love and not finding it. You have been able to find success in most areas of life, yet things haven’t worked out when it comes to love. 

Or maybe, you found love and then it didn’t work out. Having it fall apart before your very eyes is one of the most PAINFUL things you can go through.

There’s a whole other level of grief, confusion, fury and self-criticism that comes after the end of a long-term relationship or marriage. No matter which category you fall into.

You can’t help but think:

    ...How in the world did I get here?

    …How did I not see all the red flags from the start?

      …Why did I put myself in this position in the first place?          

      …Why do I feel like I completely failed at love?

      …How do I  not make the same mistakes again?     

      …Is love possible for me? 

      …How do I even begin to figure out how to date/find love/meet the right person? .

You end up being  sick and tired of repeating the same patterns over and over again.

You’re craving love, intimacy and affection. You feel totally exhausted and over it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – Imagine just for a moment that it’s possible to have that love you have always dreamed of?

I can help you open your heart and heal the blocks that keep love out.

I know, because I’ve been there.

Deciding to end my 21-year-long marriage was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made.  It was so hard to even begin to work out what it would be like to be with someone new, let alone fall in love. 

After years of in-depth research, heartbreaking trial and error, countless epiphanies and crucial real-world wisdom of how to create lasting personal fulfilment, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping women like you do the same.

If you are successful in most areas of your life but are frustrated because you have not yet met the RIGHT one, this 3-month program is for you.

It is time to live your life by DESIGN instead of chance and have the fairy tale you have always imagined.

It is time to bust the myth that love only happens by chance or when you least expect it, because it is never too late to have the life you have imagined.

So, if you think that true love isn’t possible, doesn’t last or is simply a Hollywood myth then this program is for you!

You are not made to be alone. In fact, BIG love is possible for YOU!

 In this three-month private coaching intensive, we’ll work on expanding your awareness and dive deep into the ways you can move forward in your life.

During our  sessions, we’ll focus on themes to expand your awareness and dive deep into the ways you can move forward in your life.


Step 1:         Patterns and the core beliefs 

Step 2:         Your Unique Love Programming 

Step 3:          Self Worth – Be Your Own Best Friend

Step 4:          Let It Go

Step 5:           Alchemise your Past

Step 6:           Turn on your feminine magnetism  or masculine confidence                         with a free, open heart.

Step 7:           Create the Fairy-tale  Dream Relationship                                

Step 8:           The Practical tips, tricks and hacks with Dating 101

You’ll walk away from our time together with new, empowering insight into yourself as a powerful, radiant, worthy woman ready to take on the world with confidence and clarity.

I will help you to identify your recurring patterns in relationships and the core beliefs that drive them.

You will discover the golden principles to Love and dismantle the fears you have around intimacy.

You will have a new vitality and vision to shine in your feminine magnetism that will be irresistible.

It is time to open your well-guarded heart and create the Fairy-tale; your own real-life Love Story.

The Transformation is a private, 3 month coaching intensive that includes:

  • Twelve sessions of private coaching
  • Weekly progress reports delivered to your inbox reinforcing what you’re working on and where to focus your energy for the best progress
  • Personalised homework to keep you on track as we move through the material
  • Program Material to keep


  • Weekly check-ins for gentle encouragement 
  • Unlimited email access to me during the week 

Invest in yourself 


Quickly Get The Results You Want By Working With Me

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