Seven Facts That Nobody Told You About A Happy Relationship

Maybe you have given up on being in a relationship but I want to let you know seven facts that nobody has told you about a happy relationship! Being in a happy relationship has so many benefits that go beyond having someone to spend your weekends with. That isn’t just me telling you a happy relationship is good for you research has proven that.

Did you know that a study of 309,000 people found that a lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%? That’s the same risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! It is actually more of a risk than being obese or not doing enough physical inactivity!  Wow!

People who are in a loving relationship actually visit the doctor less, have less pain and more positive emotions. The fact is that the best thing you can do to avoid illness is to have a happy relationship.

Of course, the quality of your relationship matters as the study found that a troubled relationship causes stress and weakens your immunity.

If you are single don’t panic! If you have loving friendships they will give you similar benefits to a happy relationship.

 Let’s Look at Seven Facts That Nobody Told You About A Happy Relationship


1. A Happy Relationship Makes You Live Longer!

The fact that a happy relationship makes you live longer can’t be beaten! Studies have proven that a happy relationship actually does make you live longer! Another fact I am sure nobody has told you is that if you kiss someone you love every morning you will live five years longer! When you are in a happy relationship and in love your body even produces hormones that benefit every organ in your body.

2. A Happy Relationship Makes You Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Another fact that I am sure nobody has ever told you is that studies have found a happy relationship makes you live a healthier lifestyle. When you are in a happy relationship there is less abuse of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances. In fact, a happy relationship makes you eat better, drink less and exercise more! The support you get in a happy relationship will actually get and keep you motivated to exercise and eat well. You will also enjoy sex in a happy relationship and this will calm you down, make you less irritable/impatient. It will also combat stomach issues and is a fun form of exercise.

3. A Happy Relationship Reduces Stress and Depression

Being in a happy relationship reduces stress and even depression in your life. Having someone who has your back and who supports you is good for you. Did you know that something as simple as a hug has healing powers? A 20-second hug produces oxytocin, the love hormone, which literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengths your immune system. A happy relationship makes you strong and resilient. People in a happy relationship produce more oxytocin and as a result don’t give in to the negative effects of stress, anxiety and depression.

4. A Happy Relationship is Good for Your Health

You will heal quicker because in a happy relationship as you have someone supporting you. Research has also found you will literally feel less pain! A happy relationship keeps you calm and lowers your blood pressure as well as being good for your heart. When you feel loved you are more likely to have positive emotions as well as positive behaviours. Negative emotions and heartbreak have the opposite effect.  In fact, when you have high levels of stress or conflict you are likely to get sick as it lowers your immune system. The Heart Math Institute has done research into the effects of stress and love on the heart. Their research discovered that when you are feeling upset or frustrated or angry for five minutes it can suppress your immune systems for up to six hours. When you are feeling loved, feeling compassion then you are strengthening your immune system for up to six hours.

5. Love is Better than Chocolate!

When you are in love in a happy relationship your body produces a natural form of amphetamine. The only other natural amphetamine is chocolate! So, a happy relationship is literally better than chocolate and healthier too! No wonder people crave chocolate after a breakup!

6. A Happy Relationship Makes You Look Younger

Did you know that a happy relationship makes you look your best because it increases blood flow to your skin? Being in a happy relationship gives your skin cells nutrients and oxygen which make you look physically younger. Oxytocin also reduces inflammatory factors and also gives you a glow. All of this will make you look younger as it reduces the chance of wrinkles and skin problems. Awesome benefit, right!

7. A Happy Relationship Increases Your Confidence

Being in a happy relationship allows you to feel emotionally secure and also increases your self-confidence.  You will feel better about yourself as well as have more energy!


How amazing are the 7 facts nobody told you about a happy relationship! If you are single and struggling to open your heart to love again, why not book your free discovery call here, everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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