Relationship Success – Research Shows your Relationship will ‘work’ if you See These Signs

relationship success

Relationship Success – Research Shows your Relationship will ‘work’ if you See These Signs

If you have had a failed relationship in the past then it seems extra important to make sure you have relationship success the next time around!

It seems hard enough to find someone you are attracted to yet alone know if they will work out for you in the long run! You can’t help but worry if you will have the relationship success you have always dreamt of.

How do you really know if they are the right one and that the relationship be successful and will work out long term?

You might find yourself analysing all of their actions to see if they are really into you! You know you will find yourself thinking:

He wants to see me all the time. Does that mean he is the one?

She has told her friends about me. Does that mean she really likes me?

He offered to fix my leaking tap, has mowed my lawn and sess me on a Friday night. Surely that means he loves me?

Or maybe you look at your star signs to see if relationship success is in the stars!

However, there is a much more scientific way to find out! A new study of 11,000 couples has the answers. The couples were interviewed and their answers were analysed by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI determined the 10 factors that show if you will have the relationship success you have dreamt of!

Here are the Ten Signs to Look for:

The study may have used AI to work out what will make your relationship successful, yet when you see the ten signs it is common sense!

1. Willingness to commit

The biggest indication that your relationship will work is if the person is willing to commit! It makes sense, right! Without a commitment, you actually don’t have a relationship! As a Dating/Relationship Coach I see people waste years on people who don’t want to commit to them. If you are hanging out with someone and it is fun, yet they tell you that they don’t want to commit – make sure you LISTEN to them! 

2. Equality of commitment

You will never have relationship success without the willingness of both people to commit. Not only was commitment a sign that your relationship would work, but it was also all about an equal commitment from both people!  Which again makes sense, you can be committed all you want but if the other person isn’t you don’t have a relationship! When you know that you are both as invested as each it creates a healthy relationship that will grow and thrive!

3. Individual happiness is the key to relationship success

No-one can make you happy, you have to be happy in yourself.  Your own individual happiness is the key to relationship success. So, the cliché that you need to be happy before finding love is true! If you are both happy with your own lives before you met and while you are together it is a good sign that the relationship will work out long term. If one or both of you isn’t happy it is not a good sign for the future success of your relationship.

4. Negativity

Negativity is bad for your relationship success. The study found feelings of hopelessness and stress from one or both people in a relationship was not a good sign that they would last long term. These types of feelings make people overact and also not sort out ongoing issues.  The secret to a good relationship is the ability to be positive and see the good things in each other rather than the negative. Wearing rose-coloured glasses works in your relationship works because when you’re wearing rose-coloured glasses, you’re focused on what’s right rather than on what’s wrong.

5. Depression

Having Depression was identified as one of the biggest factors that could doom your relationship and does link point number three where you need to be able to be happy with your life to have a good relationship.

6. Anxiety

Another big killer of relationships is anxiety. In fact, anxiety in relationships can happen because of the way each person acts and reacts. If you want to create a healthy relationship it really is important to deal with your hurts and baggage from the past. If you don’t take the time to heal you will bring that hurt into the new relationship and bleed over someone who didn’t cut you. It is important to know that what you don’t repair you will repeat and kill a new relationship and the research proves that!

7. Appreciation is an indicator of relationship success

Being appreciated by the person who is the most important to you matters! Appreciation is such a simple thing, yet it keeps your relationship strong and healthy. The AI found that showing appreciation to your partner was a deciding factor for your relationship lasting. To work out if they are the right person for you, notice whether they appreciate and value the things that you do.

8. Sexual satisfaction

Sex may not be the be-all and end-all in a relationship, yet it is one of the biggest indicators that your relationship will last. Physical intimacy is the glue that will keep your relationship strong.

Great sex is easier in the early stages of a relationship but it is important to make sure it continues that way. Make the effort to communicate what you like and what feels good for you so you continue to feel satisfied!

9. The happiness clue

This relates to point three and it is important to know that your person is happy. The study found that knowing your partner is happy makes you feel good and improves your relationship. This is all about communication and knowing how your partner is feeling. Both people’s happiness is equally important in a relationship and your relationship will only work if you are both happy. If you are in a one-sided relationship is not a good sign that it will work. Whereas, when you both care about the other person’s happiness it is a good sign that you will have a strong relationship.

10. Your fighting frequency

The study found that the couples who fight all the time won’t last! This includes small fights as well as the big one. Whether it’s whose turn to cook, what you are going to do or what political party you support! Again, this is not surprising and it all comes down to communication! You need to be able to talk about things in a way that can be heard. If you can disagree without starting World War 3 it is a good sign that you will work.


When you think about it most of these ten points are common sense! It’s all about being equally committed, happy, positive, appreciating each other and having satisfying sex!

I do find the number one thing that can stop people being happy in a relationship is not getting over the hurts of the past. It really is important to heal the past before you more on to a new relationship!  Coaching will help you do that and enable you to create that relationship that you have always wanted. All you need to do is contact me for a free 20-minute discovery call. 

Debbie x

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