Breakthrough Package for Women

Private four-week dating coaching for women

The Breakthrough: A private four-week coaching intensive empowering you with the tools to step back into the dating world with confidence and clarity

It’s really hard out there. Searching for love and not finding it.

Or if you do find it to have it not work out and watch it fall apart before your very eyes.

It is one of the most painful things you can go through in life.

…And that’s if you’re new to dating. 

There’s a whole other level of grief, confusion, fury and self-criticism that comes after the end of a long-term relationship or marriage.

After the crash, when the smoke settles, you look around and can’t believe that this is where you’ve ended up.

You can’t help but think:

      ...How in the world did I get here

      …How did I not see all the red flags from the start?

      …Why did I put myself in this position in the first place?          

      …Why do I feel like I completely failed at love?

      …How do I move on from this?     

      …Is love possible for me again? 

      …How do I even begin to figure all of this out?

I know, because I’ve been there.

Deciding to end my 21-year-long marriage was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made.  It was so hard to even begin to work out what it would be like to be with someone new, let alone fall in love. 

After years of in-depth research, heartbreaking trial and error, countless epiphanies and crucial real-world wisdom of how to create lasting personal fulfilment, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping women like you do the same.

In this four-week private coaching intensive, we’ll work on building the foundational pillars, breaking through the confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm to taking your first steps into the dating world again.

Hint: the inner work is the most important part.

In one month of working together, you’ll go from…

    …having little faith in finding real love again, to discovering the power within yourself to attract, magnetize and maintain relationships that are meaningful and enriching

      ….being totally bewildered by all of the new swiping, messaging and texting “rules” to knowing  this whole online dating thing is no big deal (and possibly your new favourite tool) .     

      … feeling intimidated by intimacy with someone new, to getting excited about your personal journey of pleasure with your next partner

     … hitting your head against emotional blocks to having the awareness and tools to bust through them with    grace and self-respect

During our weekly sessions, we’ll focus on themes to expand your awareness and dive deep into the ways you can move forward in your life.


         Week 1: Dating Practicalities 101

         Week 2: Stepping into your Feminine Power

         Week 3: Returning to Sex and Intimacy

         Week 4: Overcoming Self-Limiting Blocks


You’ll walk away from our time together with new, empowering insight into yourself as a powerful, radiant, worthy woman ready to take on the world with confidence and clarity.

It had been a lifetime since I dated! I have been married for 20 years and had no idea where to start. I had so many questions – where do you meet people, what do you do, who pays for the dates, how do you say no when you aren’t interested in someone? Oh, then how do you have sex with someone new when your body is less than perfect? My confidence had also been affected as my husband had left me for a younger woman, so how could I get over that.  I did Deb’s Intro Package and it answered all these questions and more. It also gave me the confidence to get out there and date. I am now excited about the future! – Sally

The Breakthrough: A private four-week coaching intensive 

Your private coaching package includes: 

  • Four 1-hour weekly sessions of private coaching
  • Weekly progress reports delivered to your inbox reinforcing what you’re working on and where to focus your energy for the best progress
  • Personalised homework to keep you on track as we move through the material 


  • Audio recordings 
  • Weekly check-ins for gentle encouragement 
  • Unlimited email access to me during the week 

Your investment in yourself: $797 (save $203) OR 4  payments of $25

Are you Ready for Your Breakthrough


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