Ghosting – What is it and How to Deal with It!

In this week’s podcast, I will give you Sara’s story as well practical tips to deal with ghosting, breakups and rejection.

Ghosting is a modern phenomenon! You may be lucky enough not to have never been ghosted and wondering what it is! It is when someone you have been dating simply disappears from your life without a trace or explanation. This could be after a couple of dates or even months of dating!

People have been ending relationships badly since the beginning of time but it has become so much easier in the technological age. Ghosting people you barely know and who aren’t part of your daily life is easy to do without you seeing the effects.

25% of singles admit to doing it even though they don’t like it!

If someone has ghosted you, didn’t want a second date or broke up with you after dating for a while. What do you do when someone doesn’t want you? How do you cope with that rejection?

Rejection hurts! In fact, rejection SUCKS! Rejection NEVER EVER  feels good!

It may be hard to reject someone but it is always worse to be on the receiving end.

When you are  ghosted or rejected, it leaves you with many unanswered questions about why.  What was it that they didn’t like about you, were you not hot enough, smart enough, rich enough – what was it? It can end up driving you crazy thinking about the why and when it comes to ghosting it is even worse!

Many times the rejection is not personal.  Don’t ever let rejection define you. You are not a failure because someone wasn’t interested in you.

You can be ghosted for so many reasons that just aren’t personal. Maybe they weren’t over their ex, or not ready for the type of commitment you are, they could be having personal issues or they were looking for an ego boost., or simply weren’t in the right place to give you what you want.

‘Every time I think I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.Dr Steve Maroboli
Many times the rejection is not personal.  

If you are struggling with the effects of ghosting, rejection or a breakup, why not book in a free discovery call? Click here to chat with me.

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