Exclusive Ultimate Gold Package

This is the ultimate program and the only one you will need.

The Supercharged Transformation: My exclusive year long program is about experiencing life changing transformation. I’ll guide you all the way. I’ll help boost confidence and you’ll learn the secret attraction strategies most singles never know. 

I have the benefit of working with both men and women and have unique insight into what they are looking for. I’ll share these secrets with you to create the lasting connection you have always imagined.

You’ll transform every part of your life.

This is your only opportunity to work with me exclusively. This is a program like no other and it will work on every part of you. You will reinvent your love life from the inside out. I will personally teach you everything I know about dating and relationships. You will know what to do, what to say, how to have real authentic boundaries, and wonderful magnetism that no one will be able to resist.

Not only will you work on the inside you will get a complete makeover and come away with an updated image and style.

Don’t worry if you meet someone in this time I will be there with you to ensure that you keep them! It is one thing to meet someone and another to create an amazing lasting relationship. It can be easy to fall into self-sabotage mode or misread what the other person means. I also know that in most relationships the issues you have in the beginning continue to the end unless you sort them out. You may feel that talking to your girlfriends or your mates is enough but I can tell you they don’t always give you the best advice. I will be honest, kind and supportive in a way your friend can’t be! I will share the unique hacks, tricks and secrets that work. 

At the end of this program you will be fast tracked to the results you want. It is a tried and tested deep dive into the crap that has been holding you back.  You will become more engaged in life; free of the fear that has crippled you and full of hope, excitement and faith in your journey to happiness. THIS IS YOUR fast track to significant results.


  • Complete makeover
  • Year long intensive coaching program
  • 12 dating events
  • If you meet someone relationship coaching
  • Unlimited access to me with any questions that come up

This is the ultimate program and the only one you will need. This is going to change everything for you! You will experience an amazing transformation in love and as a result you will improve all aspects of your life. 

This is strictly by application only and spaces are limited. I only work with people who are genuine, and willing to work hard to get real results. My techniques are proven and incredibly powerful. S


Quickly Get The Results You Want By Working With Me


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