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Strong Independent Woman
Date Coaching

Is Being a Strong Independent Woman the Real Reason you are Single?

Are you a strong independent woman? Are you puzzled about why you are really still single?  You have managed to create a pretty amazing life that you love! You have a career you enjoy, wonderful friends and family. However, you still feel like there is something that is missing, You know that close relationship with

Breakups are one of the most painful experiences, how do you deal with them?

When someone you love breakups with you it is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. You might not be able to eat, sleep or function. Your friends and family may be sympathetic for a while but then start to tell you that it happened for a reason, that there are plenty

Ghosting – What is it and How to Deal with It!

In this week’s podcast, I will give you Sara’s story as well practical tips to deal with ghosting, breakups and rejection. Ghosting is a modern phenomenon! You may be lucky enough not to have never been ghosted and wondering what it is! It is when someone you have been dating simply disappears from your life

Relationship Advice

Seven Facts That Nobody Told You About A Happy Relationship

Maybe you have given up on being in a relationship but I want to let you know seven facts that nobody has told you about a happy relationship! Being in a happy relationship has so many benefits that go beyond having someone to spend your weekends with. That isn’t just me telling you a happy

Three Simple Ways to Know if he Wants to be Your Boyfriend

I see way too many single women waste time on men who are happy to spend time with them but don’t ever want to take things any further. The ladies think the guys will see how amazing they are and change their minds. However, they don’t and the worst part is that it can take

Can we officially put the Fairytale to Bed?

I saw a headline that said – can officially put the Fairytale to bed and forget about marrying the Prince and living happily ever after. The article was about Megan and Harry, in this podcast, I am talking about fairytales and happily ever after. How can you see the signs that a relationship will work

How Men Can Increase their Confidence – Interview with Dave Rogers

Dating in the modern world can be particularly tough for men and it’s only getting harder. Dating dynamics have changed, and many men are apprehensive to approach a woman when they’re out. Online dating is not very encouraging either, with surveys showing men are only getting replies around 17% of the time.  A recent study

Relationship Advice

Five Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles in Your Relationship

I want to let you know the five top reasons you face obstacles in your relationship! In life, we learn the ‘how to’, yet we believe they should be comfortable and magically go well when it comes to relationships. Yet every relationship faces obstacles that get in the way of happiness! Hopefully, reading this will

Where To Meet Quality Singles?

This is the number one question I am asked as a Relationship Coach – ‘Where can you meet quality singles?’  Nowadays there are more ways to meet other single people than ever before yet people are more likely to remain single.   Crazy, right! In this week’s podcast I give you the answer so you

Dating Coaching

Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About a Dating Coach

What is a dating coach, and why would you need one? Maybe you think that a dating coach is only for people who don’t know how to date. But I want to tell you that having a dating coach is about so much more! Here are seven things you most likely didn’t know about a

Why do Women Choose the Bad Boy and Nice Guys Finish Last?

Why do women say that they want to meet a great guy, then end up liking the bad boys? You know they seem to choose the narcissist who only thinks about what’s in it for them, the arsehole who doesn’t care about their feelings or the player who will just play them and leave them

The Spark Everyone is Looking For

I love the language we use when we talk about love – we say we fell in love, that we are madly in love or even crazy in love! In the Western world where we spend so much time in our heads, we love the feeling of being out of control and giving ourselves over

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