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Date Coaching

How to Deal with the Anxious Feeling When You Date Someone New?

How to deal with the anxious feeling when you first start dating someone new? A common question I am asked when my clients meet someone new is: ‘I have met someone I like and I have this anxious feeling all the time. Does this mean they are the wrong person for me or is it

relationship in 2020
Date Coaching

Want A Relationship In 2020? Here’s How to Make it Happen!

Want a Relationship in 2020? Here’s How to Make it Happen!   You have decided that you want a relationship in 2020, but you just don’t know how! In the past, you have tried randomly swiping, hoping you will magically find your person, yet didn’t. Nothing worked out and it leaves you wondering what you

New Decade Resolutions
Relationship Advice

New Decade – 18 Simple Do-Able Relationship Resolutions

It’s the New Decade,  here are 18 Do-able Relationship Resolutions! Life gets busy! So let’s be honest, sometimes it’s easy for your relationship with your partner to take a back seat to all the other demanding stuff in your life. But, it doesn’t have to with a few practical changes! With the new decade, it’s

Date Coaching

Magnetizing Love Interview – Red Hot Truth

Dating can be tough, especially if you’ve come out of a long-term relationship, had your heart broken or been single for a while. There are the dating games, the emotional investment in someone only to have it not work out. There is the worry they will turn out to be a psycho and then you


Step 3 – Forgive Others – Moving on After a Failed Relationship

How do you forgive someone who hurt you?   When someone leaves you, it can be devastating! The last thing on your mind is the whole idea of being able to forgive them! You feel powerless and the lack of control over your life is hard to deal with.   If your partner has cheated

Forgive Yourself
Date Coaching

How to Forgive Yourself after a Failed Relationship

How do you manage to forgive yourself after a failed relationship? If you were the person who left a marriage/relationship it can be hard to forgive yourself. You had an idea that marriage was forever, yet you couldn’t make yours last. It is hard to feel okay about the hurt caused to others – your

Dating Coaching

Step 2 – Heal – How to Move on After a Failed Relationship

Step 2 – To get the relationship that you want the key is to heal the past. Step 1,  was about how to grieve the death of a relationship and of your dreams.  This week it is about how important it is to take the time to heal the regret and pain that the end

Date Coaching

Step 1 – Grieve – How to Move on After a Failed Relationship

How do you move on after a failed relationship? The first step is to grieve the end of how you thought life would be. Did you think  you were living the dream and that you had met the perfect person for you! You had gotten married or moved in together and you imagined it would

Date Coaching

First Impressions

Did you know that only 7% of your first impression is made by what you say? In this video I talk about what your first impression is made up of.

Date Coaching

When Should You Have Sex with Him?

When Should you have Sex with the guy you have met?  As a Dating Coach this is a question I am often asked. How people view sex has dramatically changed. Some of the questions I am asked are:  How long should you wait to have sex? Is it okay to wait or do you lose

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