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being alone
Relationship Advice

Are you Worried About Being Alone After A Divorce or Breakup?

Being alone, are you worried about doing that after a divorce or breakup? Breakups and divorce are tough. You have spent all your time with someone and suddenly you are alone with more time on your hands than you know what to do with. The feelings of failure, regret and the loss of your dreams

first impressions
Dating Coaching

First Impressions – Do you Need Great Lines to Make Killer First Impressions

You know that first impressions matter but how do you get them right?    Do you find yourself stuck overthinking about what you should say and find yourself at a total loss on how to make good impressions? Whether that is at work, meeting someone new or on a date?   What do you say

Relationship Advice

Common Mistakes that Lead to a Breakup

In the early days your relationship can be easy without any problems and for some lucky couples it stays that way. Unfortunately, for many couples they can end up having challenges that lead to a break up. If only they had known that relationship coaches could have helped them create a healthy relationship before it

relationship management
Relationship Advice

Relationship Management for a Remarkable Life- 5 Questions to Constantly Ask

Relationship Management is essential for a remarkable life!  Yet, how much time do you spend making sure your relationship is strong and healthy? Do you spend as much time as you do on your business, fitness or other things? How is your relationship and how often do you ask yourself this question? How much time

Relationship Advice


Our dating experts have compiled a few benefits that come from your relationship that you should always cherish. As you read each point, ask yourself if you’re taking any of them for granted. Having their support Having a partner feels good because there is always someone there for you. You always have them and their

Anger iceberg
Relationship Advice

Do Nice People Get Angry? Let’s look at the Anger Iceberg!

How do you feel about anger and getting angry? Do you believe getting angry is something that you shouldn’t do? Maybe you feel that to be a nice or a good person means not getting or being angry. However, anger is an emotion everyone feels at one time or another. It is an emotion, just

getting back together
Date Coaching

Getting Back Together With Your ex, is it Ever a Good Idea?

Getting back together with your ex, is it ever a good idea? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, have us thinking it could be! Maybe there really is the one who got away! The reality of life is that breakups are tough and it is easy to do whatever it takes to stop the pain you

Relationship Advice

7 Simple Questions About Relationships You Should Always Answer Truthfully

No one goes into a relationship hoping it will fail! When you like someone, you want your relationship to stand the test of time. So, what questions about relationships should you answer truthfully to make sure it lasts? There are 7 simple questions about relationships you can ask yourself to save yourself pain in the

Relationship Advice

Now it’s Time for You to Know the Truth About Relationships

Do you know the truth about relationships? Or do you believe the fairy tale version, you know where you find that one true love? Your own knight in shining armour or your beautiful princess and lifelong happiness. Are you still searching? Or did you meet someone, think they were the one,  only to have the

Relationship Advice

5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Relationship

Everyone needs innovative approaches to improve their relationship. I know that no-one goes into a relationship hoping that it won’t work out! However, most people just leave their relationship to chance and I don’t want that to be you. A recent thread on Reddit, asked the professionals for the most common signs it’s not going to

Relationship Advice

When You Are in a Relationship Here are 6 Unusual Signs you are in Trouble

When you are in a relationship what are the signs that you could be in trouble? Relationships make life better, however, it is easy to get stuck in poor communication habits because you are comfortable with each other. You might not even realise you are in this trap when you are in a relationship.  Everyone

Why Writing.a list of What you Want Won’t Find You Love

Have you ever been told that you need to write a list of what you want in a relationship? You know a bit like a shopping list, except for a person! I am sure everyone wishes it was that easy! It is common advice to tell you to write a list to make sure you

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