5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Relationship

Everyone needs innovative approaches to improve their relationship. I know that no-one goes into a relationship hoping that it won’t work out! However, most people just leave their relationship to chance and I don’t want that to be you.

A recent thread on Reddit, asked the professionals for the most common signs it’s not going to work. 

The nine top red flags to look for were: Demanding in-laws, forgetting the good times, sleeping apart, lack of respect, escalating arguments, blame, splitting the family, not compromising and testing boundaries.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of negative behaviour in a relationship, so I want to help you out by giving you innovative approaches that work.

Let’s look at 5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Relationship

1. Be connected in your relationship

Instead of taking each other for granted, stay in close contact with each other throughout the day. This is all about being more connected in your relationship. You can do this by flirting with each other in person, by text and even by email. At the end of the day get rid of your phone and really be present with each other – that is what a relationship is all about. When they walk into a room, let them see your eyes light up like it’s Christmas Day. Every time you walk past them, make a point of giving them a kiss without wanting it to go anywhere else. When they’re talking to you, make a point of touching them and really being in that moment! In fact, make this your new favourite habit it is guaranteed to improve your relationship.

2. Take a trip down relationship memory lane

This innovative approach will make sure you don’t forget the good times. I want you to remember all the good times that you have had in your relationship as it really brings you closer. Bring up fun, happy memories and you can start by saying, ‘Do you remember that time we…….’. Remember brings all those wonderful feelings back into your relationship. You can go one step further and create a happy memories book, where you can add in each good memory as they happen. Then if you are feeling flat or that your relationship is in a slump, you can look at it and relive those wonderful times.  Even the best relationship will have flat times so this happy memories book will give you a strategy to get past that feeling.

3. Shared housework is good for your relationship

Ok, I know that no one has ever called housework innovative! But did you know that research has found that the couples who share housework have more sex? That has to be the best incentive ever!  A new survey from Yelp of 2000 adults found the most common arguments were about housework! A whopping 61% admitted to cleaning the house after their partner had! Here is how to stop fighting about housework – it can be easier than you think. Share the cleaning or just get a cleaner, it’s much cheaper than a divorce! Get rid of anything you can clean I can clean better attitude, all it does is make people feel that they aren’t good enough and they’ll just stop helping. Finally, always appreciate each other, it will go a long way to make your relationship last!

4. Plan an adventure night

Couples often have different interests that they wished the other person shared and this can cause tension in a relationship. An innovative solution is you make the decision to have one day where you don’t say no to what the other person wants to do. You have a regular ‘Adventure Night or Day’ –where you go along with whatever the other person has planned for you. You can take turns coming up with something new and fun to do. This is a great way to take the pressure off one person having to make a decision and choosing the same ole stuff to do. It will make your relationship fun!

5. Be five times nicer in your relationship

It simple and innovative to be five times nicer than you are nasty. John Gottman has carried out 40 years of research on what makes a happy relationship. He has found that you have to have five positive interactions for every negative one. Every time there is a negative interaction, make sure there are five positive interactions before or after.


A healthy relationship doesn’t happen by chance. A healthy relationship comes from good communication and valuing each other. That is why it is so important to innovative approaches to keep your relationship fresh. 

If you are struggling with your relationship, why not try Relationship Coaching. This is different from counselling and is all about solutions. You can find out more about Relationship coaching, Why do I need a Dating/Relationship Coach?


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